Eneon Joins US Clean Energy, Expanding Eneon’s Market Reach and Capabilities

Eneon ES (“Eneon”), a leading North American battery energy storage system solutions provider, announced today it is joining US Clean Energy (“USCE”), a clean energy platform and holding company.

USCE continues acquisition strategy and advances its clean energy platform 

(Fairfield, CT) April 6, 2023 - Eneon ES (“Eneon”), a leading North American battery energy  storage system solutions provider, announced today it is joining US Clean Energy (“USCE”), a  clean energy platform and holding company. The strategic move broadens Eneon’s reach into  the rapidly expanding US battery energy storage market, increases its access to capital, and  accelerates its growth. Eneon will continue to be led by Ken Franklin (President), Huang Iu  (CTO/Founder), and Jason Beacock (Head of Sales and Marketing).  

“We are thrilled to be joining the USCE team. USCE shares our commitment to advancing real  life solutions to the clean energy transition,” said Huang Iu, Chief Technology Officer. “Joining  forces with USCE allows Eneon to accelerate our leadership in battery energy storage solutions  and expand our offerings to a wider range of customers.” 

Battery energy storage is an increasingly vital element in any decarbonization strategy and an  indispensable component of the clean energy ecosystem, as well as a key factor in the  optimization of future energy systems. This acquisition continues USCE’s investment in market  leading renewable energy technologies and service providers. 

“Eneon is a recognized leader in the BESS market, and we are excited to have them join our  family of clean energy solutions,” said Martin Mobley, CEO of US Clean Energy. “Their  expertise and experience will be a valuable addition to our portfolio, deepening our impact within  the clean energy evolution.” 

The combination of Eneon's formidable engineering and design expertise, coupled with USCE's  corporate partnerships and financing experience, positions Eneon to deliver substantial value to  their clients. 

“With this acquisition, USCE continues its investment in talent and technologies that better  serve our clients,” said Shawn Mobley, President and COO of USCE. “Eneon’s dedication to  delivering quality solutions for all stakeholders and commitment to a more sustainable future  aligns perfectly with our focus and values at USCE.” 

About Eneon 

Eneon ES (“Eneon”) is a leading Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”) solutions provider,  specializing in custom design energy storage, power conversion, and control system solutions.  Having served the North American BESS market for over a decade, Eneon is leading the global  energy transformation in making BESS solutions sustainable, safe, and accessible. Learn more  at www.eneon-es.com.  

About US Clean Energy

US Clean Energy LLC (“USCE”) is a clean energy platform and holding company focused on  deploying the infrastructure, capital, and technology needed to accelerate decarbonization for  commercial and residential energy users. The company invests in solar and adjacent, clean  energy assets and solutions. Learn more at www.usce.com